You Name It

For those of my supporters who chose the ‘You Name It’ reward, you get to name a major or minor character in the story, or a place or item name. Below are a few characters that are available. I will be adding places and equipment for those who would prefer these options. For each character have written a quick sentence or paragraph on how the hero of the novel views them. Hopefully this will give everyone an idea of who the character is and will help them to choose who they want to name. First in, first serve. Have fun!

“He had that wizened, crazy white haired scientist look about him. the kind of look that made you expect the galaxy to break into a dark moody percussion number”

The Hero’s Father (AVAILABLE)
“He was made like a bull and had a slow, loping gait as if all that extra muscle had added another gee. But it was a ruse. Everyone back home called him Vitruvian: He was pushing 50 but he could draw his guns so fast you’d swear he had four arms.”

The Alliance Operative (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
“Every part of her body – her arms, her mouth, even her eyes – darted back and forth as if she were filled with a violent energy, a bundle of power conduits held together too tight, crackling with electricity, ready to arc at any moment.”

“He didn’t look like much: tall, thin, hair wispy and grey, a back so straight and face so calm it stunk of self importance, as if he could convince everyone in the room that he was still God through body language alone. He wasn’t going to like what came next.”

Pirate Buddy # 1 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
“She’d been the top attorney in all of Leesti, using her smile and her hair and her suit to convince people to pay her exorbitant fees and to convince jurys that she was honest. When that all became too easy she tried ripping off her employer. That had backfired somewhat, but she’d obviously enjoyed the experience as she pirated for a living now. She was smart, suave, extremely deadly and absolute scum.
I liked her.”

Pirate Buddy # 2 (AVAILABLE)
“A fourth generation pirate and he never let you forget it. ‘Old Scum’ he called himself, though everyone else called him ‘Ordinary Scum’, as he hadn’t inherited his mother’s gift with the guns, knives or ships. But he was a funny character and he had a loyal band of followers. One day very soon he’d die on the job, but until then the Galaxy would be that much more enjoyable.”

The Crimson Corps Commander (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
“One look told me all I needed to know. A buzz cut, shoulders pushed back until they were almost disconnected, a face so hard and steady his smile had fled in fear long ago, and a black uniform that he looked like he’d been born into. The man had probably never heard a joke in his life. I couldn’t wait to test some sarcasm out on him.”

Elite Stooge # 1 (AVAILABLE)
“When he turned and saw me his face gave that blood-drained, jaw dropped, saucer-sized eyes look of absolute terror I was suprised his pants didn’t turn brown. He was small and fast, built for the cockpit, but nothing but a lost puppy out on the street.”

Elite Stooge # 2 (AVAILABLE)
“He was the kind of guy you could really sink your teeth into. Literally. Perhaps it was his pudgey face, the way his clothes threatened to burst from the triple stitched zips, the way he reminded me of that talking pig on the three-dee, but something about him screamed ‘Bite my nose off!’

Elite Stooge # 3 (AVAILABLE)
“He moved with a practicsed economy, the smallest amount of energy, the smallest amount of movement to deflect my blade. I was a hurricane and he was the eye, so still his long hair appeared frozen in time. I wouldn’t be able to wear him down; he would wear me down. I had to strike, and strike now.”


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