‘And Here The Wheel’ is an official tie-in novel for the computer game ‘Elite:Dangerous’, being released by Frontier Developments in March 2014.  Elite:Dangerous was funded by kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1461411552/elite-dangerous) and this novel was born from the ‘writers pack’ pledge tier on that kickstarter.  To fund such a high level pledge John ran his own crowd sourcing campaign at Indiegogo: http://www.indiegogo.com/EliteDangerous-And-here-the-wheel?c=home.  Thanks to extremely generous support from passionate Elite fans, John was able to secure his funding, make the writers pack pledge to the game and secure the rights to write this novel.

John has been working closely with the creative team at Frontier Developments to ensure his story ties in to the game and the fiction of the ‘Elite’ universe.  He has a rather ambitious goal of weaving together the storylines from the third ‘Elite’ computer game ‘First Encounters’ and the original novella ‘The Dark Wheel’ to create a novel of massive proportions where the safety of the entire galaxy is at stake.  INRA, the Elite, Pirates, all the superpowers and a new Elite legend combine to make a swashbuckling adventure that will prime all Elite fans for the game Elite:Dangerous.

‘And Here The Wheel’ will be published in e-book format and released with the game itself in March 2014.  John is also looking for further funding to create an audiobook version of the novel.


This website is for YOU, followers of Elite and the novel ‘And Here The Wheel’.

Through this website John Harper will share his experience of writing this novel, through brainstorming, drafting and editing, showing you all the nitty gritty details and the despondency and elation he will feel through this process. The funding of the novel was a crowd sourced effort and John wants to give back to the crowd, sharing as much information and detail as possible, even allowing input into the names of places and people in the novel (to those who financially contributed at a high level).

As well as weekly updates on progress, snippets from the novel and general writing gossip, John also posts useful writing advice and links to his podcast “Commander’s Log“. This podcast is half content sharing and half audio drama as Author John Harper flies between the solar systems of the Elite Dangerous universe while sharing further novel information and catching up with other members of the Elite community.

So please have a look around, enjoy the content and sign up to the website (link top right) to receive all updates by email. If you wish to contribute to ‘And Here The Wheel’, either to pre-order the ebook or gain access to dedications, newsletters or naming rights, check out the ‘Supporters‘ tab at the top right and click the paypal link to the right.


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  1. I just discovered you are now following my blog – “A Way With Words”. I am grateful you were drawn to my corner of the blogosphere and have chosen to stick around and investigate. I hope the words I share might inspire your own.

    I will be following your blog as well. While you are writing in a genre with which I’m not familiar, your approach seems very driven and methodical. I’m sure we can benefit from mutual encouragement.

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