The Commander’s Log podcasts are available on Itunes by clicking on the itunes logo below. The RSS feed is also prominently displayed to the right.



You can also hear the podcasts on Youtube, accessible from the And Here The Wheel Youtube channel:

If Itunes and RSS feeds are not for you though, fear not. You can still receive all the Commander’s Log podcasts right here at andherethewheel.co.nz. Click on the links below to download the podcasts


Commander’s Log # 11 – ‘Discourse at Veedez’

Commander’s Log # 10B – ‘Its all pretty Fantastic’

Commander’s Log # 10A – ‘Tianve Terrors’

Commander’s Log # 9 – ‘Hysteria in Tionisla’

Commander’s Log # 8 – ‘Sunny Holidays in Reidquat’

Commander’s Log # 7 – ‘Battered, Bruised but not Beaten’

Commander’s Log # 6 – ‘Reidquat Rendezvous’

Commander’s Log # 5 – ‘Radio Problems’

Commander’s Log # 4 – ‘Diso Memories’

Commander’s Log # 3 – ‘Checking in on Zaonce’

Commander’s Log # 2 – ‘Tackling Lave on Foot’

Commander’s Log # 1 – ‘Launching the Podcast’

Commander’s Log # 0 – ‘Introduction’


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