Watch out for the Clan!

Ok, ok, enough teasing. You want the trailer? You got it.

Here it is.

Please remember to like the trailer (if you do indeed like it…dislike if you think its crap) and leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you think.

So this trailer should leave you in little doubt about the direction the new website will be taking. Those who receive the newsletter will be learning a bit more about the backstory of the Clan and I’ll be releasing a lot of new content with the website when it re-launches.


Commander's Log Cover art
After a bit of an hiatus I’m proud to announce episode eleven of the Commander’s Log.

In this episode, Commander John Harper retreats to the south-east frontier to get some peace and quiet to finish the novel and bumps into an australian with same firm views on recent Elite:Dangerous game design.

So come on in and have a listen to: Podcast # 11: ‘Discourse at Veedze’

Thanks once again to Stellardrone who provides the intro and outtro music.

Hope you enjoy it.

(Music courtesy of Stellardrone)


As hinted at above the newsletter is underway. I usually have a section on backstory, which is quite hard as most characters backstories are intricately linked with that character arc and to give the backstory would ruin the story. This newsletter will have backstory on the Clan itself and should provide some good interest without excessive spoilerage. (spoil? spoilage? spoili?)

I also write a section on engineering (because I’m a Mechanical Engineer) and how it relates to the Elite:Dangerous universe. Is there anything you would like a bit more understanding of? Previous engineering articles include structural design of gas refinery platforms, heat dissipation in space ships and how to make zero-gee luxurious. If you have an idea let me know in the comments or email me at


It’s only two days away. I hope you have your F5 key shined and polished and your index finger duly exercised. It’s going to be another exciting one. Fantastic Books along with myself and the other Elite authors are putting together some pretty great content to make it worth your while. And remember: Anyone who has supported ANY crowd funded Elite:Dangerous fiction to receive an ebook and then backs our kickstarter will get a SERIOUS upgrade to compensate. Don’t hold back. Let’s make the Fantastic Four (novels) the biggest, baddest book set this side of the Empire!


Hope your enjoyed the content tonight. Looking forward to kickstarting with you all.




Commander’s Log Podcast # 3 – Ready to Stream

Hi fellow Commanders.

It’s taken a little bit longer than expected but I’ve just put the finishing touches on the Commander’s Log Podcast # 3 and its live for direct download here. Just hit the link below, the Podcast tab above, or the RSS feed to the right. (iTunes will be updating overnight).

Podcast # 3, titled “Checking in on Zaonce”, is a bumper episode, weighing in at a tad under 26 minutes. I discuss my progress with the novel, some writing mechanics then dive into some writers forum and other community matters. I’m also on Zaonce for a reason. I’ll be catching up with a Commander from the community to have a bit of a chat.

Once again the podcast music is provided by Stellardrone, and you can find his website here

Hope you enjoy it. If anyone else would like to come onto the Commander’s Log then get in touch via one of the many methods. Even if you don’t think you have anything to say I’m sure I can pry something out of you 😉

Thanks for listening,


(Music courtesy of Stellardrone)

Commander’s Log Podcast # 2 Out Now

Just a quick update. The titles says it all. The second podcast is out. Its a bit early than I predicted, but thats to your benefit. Enjoy.

Like always it is available for direct download here (see below or the podcast tab above), throuh the RSS feed or the itunes library.

(Music courtesy of Stellardrone)