Now you see me & Commander’s Log Episode 10 . . . Progress Report 26/8/13

Commander's Log Cover art


And Here The Wheel is proud to present episode ten of the Commander’s Log.

This is the first half of the episode, where, Commander John Harper goes in search of high quality paper in which to print his novel on. His search takes him to the Tianve system but things aren’t as easy as they seemed. Along the way he discusses his general progress, reads an extract from the novel and discusses the design decision forum and the latest development diary.

So please, have a listen to: Podcast # 10: ‘Tianve Terrors’

Stellardrone provides the intro and outtro music. I had something pretty special set up for the outtro music but this has been shifted to the second half of the episode, due out in a few weeks.

Once again I’ve utilised the pool of voice talent that is the Frontier forums. Thanks go to Psykokow, Ian P, Zplintz, Matt Benson and Arbanax for lending me their time and their voices.

Thanks for listening.

(Music courtesy of Stellardrone)

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