Cultivating your writing – A Guest Post by Evan Bollinger


Writing is cultivation.

You could argue that we all come into the game with different seeds. We have different preferences, different experiences, different ideas and views that shape the words we plant on the page.

But from the very first moment we lay those seeds, we can’t simply walk away. You have to plug along, finding newer methods for growth, new thoughts to enrich – the right tools to make your efforts blossom. This means writing every day. It means tirelessly trying new angles for character and plot, learning to receive the harshest of criticisms and the warmest of praise with dignity.

Stephen King expresses the importance of seeing writing as a craft. You have to work at it, because when you take too much time away from it, your skills rust and your characters become less fresh, less real. Inevitably, you will have your own style, but sometimes you have to make a sacrifice. We get so entrenched in our work that we often times fail to see the obvious mistakes, obscurities, or stylistic blunders that make the story less than it could be.

This doesn’t mean that you should abandon your style, it means you should tweak it. By all means, continue to read the works of others, and whether consciously or unconsciously, you will assimilate those seeds into your own. Just give it time, and steadiness.

Oh yeah, and do it because you love it!


evanEvan is a seasoned writer and eccentric people-watcher. Evan is peaceful, a big-eater, a recreational runner, and a late-sleeper. He currently grows a large ginger beard which has elicited comments ranging from “nice beard,” to “oh hey, Jesus,” to “you look like a hobo.”

In terms of motivation, he is extremely motivated in extremely narrow areas of interest and is the author of six books:

“The Followers,” a gothic novella, a science fiction short, “Black Willow,” the dramatic comedy, “Parking Lot Kings,” “Shit Ain’t Perfect,” an irreverent satire, “Marin’s Dale” a scifi/horror novel, and “Words Kill Me,” a psychological inquiry.

Evan is a graduate of Dickinson College with degrees in English and Psychology.

You can find more from Evan at:

Twitter: @Eballzz


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