Turning a Corner and Marching On – Progress Report – 3/6/13

Time to sharpen those knives and start slicing and dicing

Editing is not just deleting words. Its about adding maximum value where appropriate.

For those that follow the website closely you might have noticed a very minor alteration to the page labelled ‘Plan’. Right on target I completed ‘Phase 1 of Edit # 1’ on the 31st May. Then I proceeded to go on holiday and haven’t touched the manuscript since. I’m still on holiday and I am supposed to be having an internet free holiday, but there you go. Everybody in the hotel room is asleep so the only way anyone is going to find out is if YOU tell them. (Hint: Don’t tell them. You’ve been warned).

In terms of the novel it was another pretty mad week. I had a lot of ground to cover, some of it requiring little to no comments, while other parts needed some serious thought.

Anyway, on to the metrics. . .

Page Count For The Week: 54 A good solid week, especially considering the fact that I didn’t do any writing for the last few days of that week. Pretty happy with the progress.

After the excitement of completing the draft you may remember I decided to focus on weekly goals instead of daily goals, thinking this would be a good way to allow myself a bit of a break. But that’s the kind of thinking that comes from a man who doesn’t know how his own brain is wired. Turns out the daily goals are a better trick. I do my goal then mentally tick it off and move onto something else like the podcast. Or the family. If I work to a weekly goal I have nothing to tick off each night and that is oddly unsettling.

So I’m back to working with daily goals and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Total Page Count: 225 Doneskies! What else is there to say except here is the progress chart for “EDITING – PHASE 1:”


225/ 225 (100.0%)


Comment du jour:

“Increase this stand off bit. Eyeing each other. Feeling the gun in his hand, the floorboards beneath his feet, his fatigue and everything fading away. The blood pumping through his body.”

-The moment before the final climatic battle.


It has been an interesting experience, re-reading the novel after having written it and put it aside for some time. The earliest parts of the novel had not crossed my mind for 2-3 months while the back end of the book had only been ‘forgotten’ about for around one month.

Each story is going to have ‘small’ scenes – scenes that get your from A to B and accomplish some other task such as character building or whatever. Each story is also going to have ‘big’ scenes – scenes that are game changers, scenes that twist the story around, scenes that put a stake in the ground and that say ‘the story revolves around me’.

These big scenes are the ones that hang in the head the longest, and are the ones that you always wonder: “Are they good enough? Could I have done them better?” And although these doubts pop up I normally have a gut feeling about them, and I’ve learnt that my gut is normally pretty good about these things, but isn’t always right.

One such scene I thought was quite poor in the draft. There wasn’t enough swift action, there was too much delays, etc. On re-reading however it actually came across OK. Not GREAT, BUT OK for a draft – better than my gut had thought.

A scene which made my heart race when I wrote it still kept me on the seat of my seats when I read it for a second time.

Another scene that my gut thought was OK actually felt a bit flat on the second re-read.

Everything else in the novel was pretty much bang-on with where my gut said it was. So it was an interesting mix of good and bad and it was good see that my initial thoughts were usually bang on.

The cover art for the Commander's Log podcast

The cover art for the Commander’s Log podcast

Commander’s Log Podcast

I just completed the editing of the sound files for Episode # 6 before updating this site. A gargantuan effort, because of the sheer volume of sound file but also because of my switch to a new microphone and me not knowing how to use it, which resulted in a poor sound file. Its all fixed up, so now I just have to sort out the positions of the sound files, add some bits here and there and we will be looking at a release some time this week.

So the new microphone wasn’t a roaring success on its first time but apparently that is operator error. They say a good tradesman never blames his tools, but surely the door is open for a poor tradesman to blame his tools good and proper? I’ll give the mic the benefit of the doubt and try again next time, but perhaps with a bit of training and practice before hand.

Writer’s Forum

Besides from people talking about Lave Con there hasn’t been a lot going on. Some more questions for Michael but strangely none of them are from me. I’ve just been waiting for answers, so nothing really to report here. I do know who will be interviewed next on Lave Radio, but I don’t want to tell you because they would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it?

Thanks for stopping by again. While you are here, why not click on the ‘follow this blog’ button on the top right so you can stay up to date with the main updates and any cheeky ones I slip in on the side.


Until next time,


One response to “Turning a Corner and Marching On – Progress Report – 3/6/13

  1. Good, solid progress, John. Keep it going and it’ll be all over before the fat lady doesn’t sings because she forgot the venting sequence for the airlock and took her helmet off… Maybe traditional idioms don’t translate that well into a futuristic setting. I’ll bear that in mind for my writing. 😉

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