I wish I had a few more answers – Progress Report – 27/5/13

First you must find the problems before you can then fix them.

First you must find the problems before you can then fix them.

Knee deep in the dead at the moment, and by dead, I mean dead sentences.  Sentences that I’ve singled out to be terminated.  I’m supposed to be looking at high level stuff only and racing through the editing.  Instead I’ve started to fall prey to marking out any obvious mistakes as I run through the manuscript.  Not necessarily a problem – everything I am doing is helping the novel, it just means that I’m not sticking to my PLAN.  But I’m OK with that.  So . . . on to the weekly stats:

Page Count For The Week: 101

Pushing on somewhat from last week when I only managed 70 pages. I am trying to complete this phase of the editing by the end of May and this week was pretty much on target. It will be the start of next week that will determine whether or not I make this new mini-goal.

Total Page Count: 171

Into the last quarter of the novel. Blasted through the second plot point and made quite a few comments with recommended changes. Now my hero is going to clean up all the mess and once I’ve finished with him he will still clean up the same mess, but he might just do it in a slightly more eloquent way. So here is the progress chart for “EDITING – PHASE 1:”


171/ 225 (76.3%)


Comment du jour:

No particularly exciting comments to myself this week. They are all short and to the point. Nothing too fancy. The best I could come up for you all is:

“Delete maybe? Don’t think it’s the time to announce that?”

Aha, Oho tracks in the snow. . . well not really that’s a line from one of my daughter’s favourite books, but like foot prints I think this comment gives you a faint impression. I have some news for the reader and I’m not sure whether I should be revealing it then or later. Decisions, decisions . . .


How is the plan going? Not so good on the face of it. By the 15th May I should have completed Phase # 1 of the Edit. Unfortunately I didn’t even start Phase 1 until the 15th May. Talk about a handicap! I set myself a weekly goal of 110 pages for those two weeks. I didn’t make that this week (101 pages) so that isn’t a good sign either.

However: As I mentioned above I am pushing hard to finish Phase # 1 by the end of May. I have 4 days left to complete 54 pages, which is 13.5 pages per day. I have been doing 14 pages / day over the last three or four days so I am on target for that.

This means that to get back in line with the PLAN, I need to complete Phase # 2 (the actual repair of the manuscript) by the end of July. My weekly goal of pages to make this happen will be 3.7 pages per day. I can probably make that work OK.

Commander’s Log Podcast

The cover art for the Commander's Log podcast

The cover art for the Commander’s Log podcast

Earlier in the week I recorded a conversation with an Elite Commander and last night I completed the rest of the recording for Episode # 6. Now it has to be chopped up and edited and sound effects layered on top. The PLAN is to have this completed this week but based on my experience with plans and the month of May it is highly likely that Episode # 6 will be out next week instead. But we can always hope. I’m building on Episode # 5 a bit with this episode and it will have a pretty climatic ending so I hope you enjoy it.

Writer’s Forum

Still pretty quiet. A few of us have been asking where Commander Boz is hiding as he hasn’t shown up in the Forum yet. There is talk about Zero – Gee and Corporations. Like last week I have been asking a lot of questions and I’ve listed some of them below (paraphrased to make them spoiler free).

1)The name of common explosives in the 34th Century
2)The colours and insignias of certain groups in the Elite universe
3)The colours of the Empire and the personal Standard of the Emperor
4)Does the Federation still have a ‘White House’ and where is the actual seat of power?
5)Galactic Mean Time or something else? Are there ‘local’ times?

However, there are a lot of questions that there are no answers to. Not yet anyway. It’s the obvious problem when writing a novel ahead of the universe being fully fleshed out. But that’s life. The plan is to have something sent out to the Alpha readers by the end of July. I believe that there will be quite a few details and names changing between that version and the final version just because of the time and what Frontier are working on and how fast they can come up with answers. Not really a problem though, Word has a good ‘find and replace’ function 🙂


Well that’s it for this week’s update. A short one but there hasn’t been a lot of news worthy events going on. There are more things to say but that is what the podcast is for 🙂




4 responses to “I wish I had a few more answers – Progress Report – 27/5/13

  1. Keep battling, John. You’re possibly at one of the toughest phases of editing – generating a problem list can be demotivating, but it won’t be too long before you’re at the ‘putting it right’ stage. It’s satisfying to tick things off the list and you can look forward to that.

    • Thanks T.J. Yes it can be a little like that. But like you say when you fix it and come up with something swish there is nothing like that fist pump and ‘hell yeah’ afterwards

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