Commander’s Log Podcast # 5 – Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated

We’re back in business.

This Podcast is late. I mean really late. Sorry to everyone who has been waiting to hear it. But it is here now and they say its better late than never. You can all be the judge of that.

The audio file had to be completely rebuilt and layered. In the process improvements were made and I got some very gratefully received audio engineering advice. Hopefully it is obvious in the quality of the audio. Let me know what you think.

I tried to have a bit of fun with this episode. It was hard work and had to tee up a SKYPE recording in the middle of the working day to make it work but hopefully it was worth it.

So without any further ado, here is Podcast # 5: ‘Radio Problems’

I decide to help out Lave Radio with their broadcasting issues and end up bumping into a well known Commander. Hopefully he survives the encounter.

Stellardrone provides the intro music once again but I’ve mixed it up and brought Two Quiet Suns on board for the Outro. It’s all great stuff and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

A question for listeners: Would you like me to expand the music component of the podcast beyond just the intro and outro or do I have the balance about right?

Thanks for listening,


(Music courtesy of Stellardrone and Two Quiet Suns)

2 responses to “Commander’s Log Podcast # 5 – Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated

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