So close I can feel it tingling in my fingertips – Progress Report – 22/4/13

I'm currently writing the end game.  Hopefully its as fun to read as it was to write (Assets borrowed from Elite: Dangerous, with permission of Frontier Developments plc)

I’m currently writing the end game. Hopefully it’s as fun to read as it was to write (Assets borrowed from Elite: Dangerous, with permission of Frontier Developments plc)

Damn! I wanted to finish the draft this week and suprise everyone with a completion post for my weekly update. Instead a combination of no au-pair and a high day-job work load meant more work at night and less time for writing.

Damn . . .

Instead I’m right on the cusp. This end game is one big scene, with a lot of going on. It started as a difficult scene to write but I ended up getting carried away toward the end of the week, enjoying it just a little too much. Never mind, that is what the editting process is for.

Word Count for the week: 7,591 words. Yikes, just over my weekly goal. That’s the closest I’ve ever gotten. And I’ll have to be honest, I had one night when I didn’t meet my daily goal of 1,000 words. That’s the first time in almost three months of writing. In my defence though I had the kids all day, got them to sleep then headed off to work at 9pm and got home around 4am. Not conducive to writing, but at least I reached the weekly goal.

Total Word Count: 101,179, and still quite a bit to go. There is still a few things to cover off in this final section of the novel. I may in fact go over the goal of 105,000 words for the draft, but I won’t bother changing the plan at this late stage. It will be what it will be.


101,176 / 105,000 (96.4%)


Quote du jour:
“Ignore him,” said a female voice, a girlish, pampered Imperial voice. “My co-pilot’s drunk. We didn’t see your Saker.”
“Drunk?” Robert blinked.
The male voice returned without the slightest hint of a slur. He definitely wasn’t Imperial. “I’m sure not taking on INRA stone cold sober.”

Commander’s Log Podcast

The cover art for the Commander's Log podcast

The cover art for the Commander’s Log podcast

A little bit behind schedule on this one. As mentioned above the evening work load skyrocketed over the last week and the podcast kind of got bumped. But I’ve completed the main component of the recording and this week is looking a lot better so I’m sure Episode 4 of the podcast won’t be too far away.

A small teaser for Episode 4: I’ll be sticking to the old worlds and checking out a system reknown for its feline life.

The Plan (Moving Forward)

I’m quickly approaching the end of the draft phase of the novel. Exciting times. Its the fourth month of the year and the novel will be completed. The words will be on the page.

No, its no-where near publishable. For me and the way I write, it will take several different iterations of edits to get to that level. But, and this is the big deal, the actual story will be there to shape and mould and perfect. You can’t make a publishable novel if you don’t have a novel in the first place. These edits will more than likely take the rest of the year. One of the reasons for this is I need to take the pedal off the metal slightly. I have been going flat tack on getting this draft done and it has actually been a little bit fatiguing. Enjoyable, but tiring, like all passions. Now its time to slow down, recharge the brain and get back in my wife’s good books 🙂

So the draft might only be a quarter of the work, but it feels, mentally, like the big hump to me. I’ve actually written it. From this point on it is all down hill to the finish line. The story will be made, it will be published, it will be there for the launch of the Elite:Dangerous game. And with just under a year of time left to go, it’ll be as absolutely perfect as I can make it.

I’ve refined my plan to get me to March 2014 and I’ll be sharing that in the next update, once I’ve actually crossed that line.

Contact with Frontier Developments

I recently wrote the main scene of the centrepiece of my novel. Its something pretty dear to my heart and after I had designed it I sent the details through to Frontier Developments. I knew it would be a cracker – the setting itself was part of the conflict, and it was going to make an absolute blinder of a scene – but the go or no-go command would come from Frontier. In record time I got a response back with a thumbs up on all aspects except for one minor point, which I removed.

So that had me jupming up and down doing fist pumps and other things a grown man shouldn’t be caught doing. Never mind, I was a happy writer and I was going to enjoy it.

So at the moment it’s clear sailing. Frontier have signed off on all the major aspects, and time will tell if the minor points will need adjusting.

All in all, a pretty damn good place to be.

Writers Forum

A couple of big discussions on the writers forum. The writers have all received their contracts so there is some discussion over that.

The other big discussion has been around the changes to hyperspace and the implications for the game – and fiction – universe. It’s an interesting debate with good points on both sides of the coin. There is a bit of meat here so instead of discussing it here I’ll chew it over on the podcast. Stay tuned. . .


OK, we’re done here. I’ll be seeing you again real soon, just as soon as I cross that finish line.




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