Commander’s Log Podcast Launch and Progress Report – 18/3/13

Another week done and some exciting news to tell, somewhat given away by the title. I’ll keep the suspense running for as long as I can . . .

Word Count for the week: 10,381 words. Could have been more. Could have been a lot more. Instead I was distracted by my shiny new podcast which took up a LOT of time.

Total Word Count: 56,723.  Blasted past the mid point and into some serious gun-toting action.

56723 / 100000 (56.72%)

Quote du jour:
He stopped before the pool of already congealing blood.  He looked at the poor sap for a moment then up to AO.

“I think you just broke your cover.”

Introducing: The Commander’s Log Podcast

In my review of my Indiegogo campaign I concluded that I didn’t use the various types of Internet media available to their full extent.  It wasn’t an idle observation.  I want to involve and interest and engage with followers as best I can.  So on that note I decided to start my own podcast for the novel.  This is a new area for me, and a time consuming one, but it’s been fun to make and I hope you enjoy listening to it.  I’d love to hear your feedback on what I can do better on it and if you have any questions you would like on the podcast please get in touch.  You can either write in your questions and I can read them out, or you can send in your own soundbite and be famous on my podcast.

The podcast will be up on ITunes shortly but in the meantime you can download it from my website right here:

(Music courtesy of Stellardrone)

Pre- ordering the novel

I’ve had a few questions about this.  I am totally in support of people pre-ordering the book and the reason is two fold.  The first is I like money.  But the second and more important reason is that pre-orders of the book act as funding toward the ‘audiobook’ stretch goal.

On the ‘Supporters’ link at the top of the website I list all the funding options available.  These are the same as the indiegogo campaign.  If you want to pre-order the book, great! That’s fine.  If you have a burning desire to name a character or a place or piece of technology thats even better, and that option is available too.

I have been looking into how I can improve the paypal section of the site but with the way the site is setup my hands are basically tied.  Others greater than myself have tried and failed with the setup that I have.

Writing about Suspense

This is always been a point of interest, and I think a point of difference for me and my writing.  Writing suspense is hard.  Writing it well requires a certain knack for words and time and space.  I’ve just been writing a section of the book where there is some level of suspense involved.  It has inspired me to write a little article on how to write suspense so look out for that in the coming weeks.


I mentioned awhile back that I had some guest posts coming up.  Well one of them has finally rolled around.  I had written an article on how important body language is to communication in fiction.  This will be online later today/tomorrow, depending on where you live.  I’ll announce this in a separate post once it is live.  I hope all writers out there would take a moment to have a glimpse through it.


Well I’d love to stay and chat but there is a draft to finish.  Back to it.  Good to have you here again.  Comments welcome and I’ll see you next time.




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