Lave Radio Interview Online

Its live and hopefully a good listen. . .

Its live and hopefully a good listen. . .

Just a quick note to everyone that my interview with Allen Stroud for Lave Radio is now online. Find it at

I hope you enjoy it. There wasn’t time to cover off everything but I would like to again thank all my backers. They were the ones which have made this journey possible. Without you I would not be here.

Thank you.


2 responses to “Lave Radio Interview Online

  1. After receiving the email via Indiegogo telling me about your update I thought I should check it out, and I’m glad that I did.

    Your latest update, and all of the previous ones, are fantastically comprehensive and even inspirational. I’m planning to submit some fiction to Allen Stroud as part of a pledge in his Lave Revolution Kickstarter, and reading about your process and previous experiences has been really helpful (though a little daunting too). I have no substantial fiction experience so this is quite a step for me. I think I have it in me. I guess we’ll see…

    So thanks, and keep up the good work on the writing. It’s quite a pace you’ve set. Looking forward to reading the finished product.

    Unkie Steve

    • Hi Steve

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad I am inspiring you and in turn your feedback is quite inspiring to me. I’m really doing this site to interact and involve the backers and future readers and I’m really happy I’m making a difference out there.

      Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back on your writing, especially your doubt. Go for it! Allen teaches the stuff and he will be a great place to get feedback.

      Good luck,


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