One month in, many months to go. . .Progress Report – 4/3/13

I’m officially just over one month in to operation ‘Draft Zero’.  Back in the days of my indiegogo campaign (which feels a long time ago now!) I had a rough plan for the book, from concept throuh to release alongside the Elite:Dangerous game in March 2014.  This plan said I would start writing on Feburary 1st, however my original synopsis was not approved by Frontier Developments.   I had to scramble to modify certain elements to satisfy their requirements and thankfully this rebuild was relatively quick and I was writing within a week of my planned start date.

Onto the stats (with bonus stat for this week):

Word Count for the week: 7,799 words.  A bit of a struggle this week.  Some days bed sounded like a superior plan to writing, especially when you know the kids will wake up screaming in a few hours, but a goal is a goal and I’m sticking to this one.  Discipline!

Word Count for the month (1st Feb to 1st March):  31,895 words.  Just over the goal of 30,000 words a month.

Total Word Count: 35,551

Quote du jour: “”I’m an Alliance Operative.  We solve problems.”  He couldn’t be entirely sure but he thought he saw a slight curve to the end of her mouth, an unborn smile struggling on unfamiliar ground.””
Lave Radio:

This is a very fun and informative podcast put together and hosted by four Jameson’s that will be familiar to all Commanders kicking around the Frontier forum: Allen Stroud, Chris ‘Fozza’ Forrester, Chris Jarvis and John Stabler.  They have put together a few podcasts now talking about Elite:Dangerous, questions coming out of the Design Decision Forum, general questions about the game and a lot of naval gazing about ifs and butts, all of it very entertaining.

As a new section to the podcasts they have started doing interviews with all the authors of Elite:Dangerous fiction and They will be interviewing me this week.  Look out for me on the next issue of Lave Radio. (  For those of you that followed my indiegogo campaign you’ll be familiar with my voice, but for those that haven’t, be warned:  I’m a Kiwi and I talk like one.

A plot point or two . . .

As mentioned above and in earlier posts I had to rework the novel’s original concept around to fit it with the requirements of Frontier Developments.  I wanted to shine a torch on some parts of Elite folklore and bring the mystery and hidden truths to the forefront.  But of course thats not much fun because if you unveil the truth surrounding myths and legends, they don’t stay myths and legends.  So I was advised to steer my novel toward other shores.  This led to a new direction which I loved and David Braben and co were quite excited with, even making their own suggestions for it.

I hoped to now be able to bring you some more details on what this is, but now that I have made my own myths and legends into Elite folklore, I have to keep these ones a secret too!  So you will just have to wait a year and buy the book to find out.   Life is cruel sometimes.

You Name it:

Just a shout out to all my supporters who pledged at the rather generously high level of ‘You Name It.’  Please contact me and let me know which character  you would like to name.  Some examples are listed on the ‘You Name It’ tab at the top of the website.  There a lot more characters in the story including intelligence agents from all the major powers, so if nothing listed on the site fits email me what you’d like and I will see what I can do.

So far I’m writing the story and naming people by their initials and it makes for funny looking writing.  If I keep doing this these characters will become so ingrained with their initials it will be hard for me to give them actual names.  So please, get in touch and give the gift of identity.  My characters will thank you for it.

One month it, where to next?

It’s kind of amazing that I have been drafting for one month, working on the novel for two.  I don’t know where the time has gone.  And I have twelve months left to get this novel ready for you to download.  It’s promising to be a very quick year!

At the moment I am concentrating on the draft.  Drafting is the easy part for me – I type fast and I have an outline to work off so its just a matter of filling in a few details and pounding it out on the keyboard.  Its the editing that is the hard part – polishing the story to a perfect finish – that will take up most of my time.

At the same time I am trying to get my name out there, let more people know about ‘And Here The Wheel’ and get push publicity to a new level.  I’m on Twitter, I’m on facebook and in a few weeks you’ll see a few guest blogs from me around the place.    If any of you out there have blogs and would like to swap advertising please let me know.


Another report over and done with.  Thanks for sticking around and hit me with your feedback.  I’d love to hear what everyone has to say.




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