Say hello to Leonardo Ramanujan!

Congratulations Dave Wood, who chose this name for ‘The Encyclopaedia.’   We now have another name to add to the story.  Fantastic!

Dave chose this name due to its links with mathematics and hence the original Elite game.  A great way to blend the old with the new.

I’ll be contacting Dave shortly to find out more Leo.  What does he look like? Does he have any pets?  Any distinguishing characteristics?  Dave has also won a free copy of the ebook when it is published with the game in March 2014.  Congratulations Dave!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition.  It was great to see so many people trying to get involved in the story.  I really appreciated it.

I’ll be doing more competitions as the year rolls by.   I have been a bit quiet on the website front – I have been pounding out the words as hard as I can and will continue to do so until the first draft is complete.  But I will be doing regular weekly updates at the minimum with hopefully some more posts in between.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and I hope you’ll play next time.




I just finished Chapter 5 so I thought I’d share the ending with you:


“They’re coming out,” she whispered.  Robert stepped a foot forward, in spite of the trees branches and tried to focus on the distant people.  They were definitely wearing black and they were hurrying but he couldn’t make out any other details.

“What do we do?” Robert asked AO.  “Do we follow them?”

Cool steel pressed against the back of his ear making him tense.  It was round shaped, hollow.  A gun barrel.

“I’d rather you didn’t,” said the voice behind him.






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