Progress Report – 17/2/13

A week of words.  Words, words and more words.  Pumping them out, throwing them on the page, and hoping some good ones stick.

I’ll start the report with the usual stats:

Word Count for the week: 10,913 words. A solid week and that was with travel for work.

Total Word Count: 16,684

Quote du jour: “The adrenaline had faded so he could think straighter, but right at the edge of his consciousness lay a shadow of twisted branches and leaves, daggers and slits, old knarled fingers with hooks for fingernails.”

Words, words, words:

Yup, you read it right above.  Ten thousand words this week.  Not bad, better than the minimum goal of 7000 words a week but shy of my optimistic goal of 14,000.

I’m pretty pleased with this week.  I had to go away for work and didn’t get much done then but made it up on other days.  A lot has happened in the story already and I’m racing toward the first plot point, the point in the story where the story actual goal is set, where a new mission is given to the hero, to charge the novel through to its conclusion.  Its an exciting time, and one that I need to get right.  The optimal location of the first plot point is around the 20% mark, which feels about right based on my story planning.  I think I’ll hit 18k words for the FPP, which indicates the story will have a total length of around 90,000 words or about 360 pages.  Nice length.  Not too long, not too short, something that will give you value for money.

So I’m taking a break to write this post but mark my words:  As soon as I hit that submit button its back to the draft, back to hitting those keys as fast as I can.



What is Soontill?  It is a place the Thargoids spoke of after the peace of 3253.  It was mentioned in riddles.  A dark world once inhabited, and later abandoned.  Little is known of it except what can be gleaned from Thargoid poetry.

Naturally the moment it was mentioned by the Thargoids, bounty hunters and treasure hunters alike dreamed of an alien items ‘pot of gold’.  Such a fervour hadn’t been seen since the hey-day of the Raxxla legend, now mostly forgetten and saved for bed time horror stories.

I’ll talk more of Soontill later.


System Hunting (Mk II):

In my last progress report I mentioned how I was trying to tie down locations for my story with Frontier Developments.  The to and fro and both an upside and a downside.  The downside was the systems I had chosen to set my story would not be available.  The good news was that I would have systems made to suit my needs.  Like a GOD.  Kinda neat, really, when you think about it.

So for now I am writing the story using the locations I wanted.  The details of the settings will be my own and when news systems are created I may have to change some minor details to match.  The new systems should mostly meet my requirements though, a case of the game and the novel working together.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens, though in terms of Frontier’s plans, it is way down the list in terms of importance.


The Encyclopaedia’s Name:
This has been a fun competition, but it has just officially closed.  We have a winner.   Which name will live on in my story as ‘The Encyclopaedia’?  Hang around for my next update to find out!

(Yes making you wait is mean, but get used to it.  That is what suspense is all about).


And that’s a wrap.  A short update, but right now my brain is in ‘draft’ mode, pushing out the words as fast as I can.  I’ll talk about the competition and Soontill through this coming week.




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