Progress Report – 11/2/13

It’s been a busy week with ‘And Here The Wheel’ with a lot of different things going on, all of them working toward the goal of making the novel as awesome as it can possibly be. But before I go into all that, here are the stats for the week:

Word Count for the week: 5771 words. A bit of a slow start, but you’ll understand why soon.

Quote du jour: “Oberon had been the kind of man you followed into battle, and into death, even if you didn’t believe in his cause.”

Story Coaching:

I tweeted about this earlier in the week but when I finished an early version of my synopsis last year I sent it to Larry at for an audit. It’s always good to get an independent, uninvolved set of eyes to review your plan. In this case Larry knows nothing about Elite and not much about Science Fiction, which I thought made him a perfect candidate to act as a story coach – no pre conceptions or biases, just straight up advice on what works and what doesn’t.

And Larry had some good feedback. He subscribes to the four part story structure, which I follow and the main frame of the story got a big tick. A few niggly details bothered him, which just required a bit of tightening, a bit of focusing and a bit of clarity. He also highlighted the end of the story as something to look at.

So overall money well spent with some good things to think about. I’ve revised my plan based on Larry’s feedback and the story is now going to be stronger because of it.


Some bad news however. I sent my synopsis into Frontier Developments early in January and just heard back this last week. The powers that be, i.e the Creator himself (Braben) have decided that I cannot use Raxxla in my story. My novel would reveal too much about Raxxla and that would just plain old ruin the mystery wouldn’t it?

But that’s ok because without Raxxla and the strings attached to it I was able to come up with my own idea and I quickly passed this onto Frontier. The same powers that be have approved the new idea. It requires a bit of a reconfiguration of the story and serious alterations to the last quarter of the book but I have sorted through that and made a new beat sheet to reflect it. I think it will add a little something extra and make the book more focused and more stronger. And a bit more fun too. It’ll add a new legend to the Elite universe and will tuck in quite nicely with Frontier’s planned history between 3250 and 3300.

So what is the new idea? Well, I’ll save that one for another post. Stay tuned!

System Hunting:

With the story surgery mentioned above completed I was able to move onto grounding the story. Up to this stage I had been thinking roughly in terms of where in the elite galaxy I wanted the events to be. Now I had to find the actual solar systems for the deads to occur in. This involved a bit of scouring through the game map of FFE and looking for suitable locations. I chose four solar systems that will host major plot points in the story and have submitted my plans to Frontier. Once I hear back and everything is confirmed (or not) then I’ll be able to report on these.

The Encyclopaedia’s Name:
The poll has been a lot of fun to watch. Leo leapt to an early lead and I didn’t think Tim or Alfred would catch him but in the last few days Alfred has found a few followers and now the race is on.

I’ll let the poll run for another week, till Sunday the 17th, and then we will have our winner. So if you haven’t voted yet, please do so, and convince anyone else interested to choose a name.


That’s a wrap for this post. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll report back again soon.




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