Video Diary Update

Hi Everyone

A small update today. Firstly I have uploaded the first video diary and it is live on the ‘Video Diary’ tab at the top.

Secondly we’ve had some good entries for the competition to name ‘The Encyclopaedia’. I don’t want that to stop so I’ve added a quick link on the sidebar to the right. Tell your friends to come over and make an entry. It’ll cost you a few seconds of your time and could win you a copy of the finished e-book, or more if you are already a paid supporter.

I’ve been laying out the story into beats, which are explained in the video update and I’m currently working on making sure I have the right beats in the right places.

We’re approaching February pretty quickly so I’m going to be cramming in as much pre-writing work as I can first, as this makes it easier to actually knock out a draft. If I know what I have to write (i.e no naval gazing during the writing) then I can easily punch out 1000 words an hour.

My next update will be going deeper into the beats, so stay tuned and talk to you all soon.


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