Mr Encyclopedia Man

He doesn’t have a name yet, but he is an essential cog in the story.  In my planning I have been calling him ‘TE’ short for ‘The Encyclopedia’.

He isn’t a super braniac who knows everything, but he is a guy who knows how to find out everything.  From humble beginnings as an IT engineer on the planet of Villist, TE became the planet’s lead IT engineer, instigating and managing the planetwide network that ran . . .well pretty much everything.  It was in this role that TE met the protagonist, Robert Garrie, during the Battle of Villist.

The battle itself has quite an interesting history which I’ll discuss in a later post, but needless to say after the battle, Robert and TE strike up a strong bond and Robert subsequently relies on TE for intel whenever he is going on a piracy-related jaunt.

However life becomes just a little too comfortable for TE.  He starts to think that maybe he is just a little bit above the law.  When TE starts taking liberties with the Villist network he is charged with multiple crimes, most of them politically driven, and he goes into hiding.  Robert is the only person who knows how to find him, because if you can’t trust a pirate, who can you trust?

TE will be one of the key resources that Robert will lean on during the novel and it will be TE’s help that sends Robert in the right direction.  But naturally nothing is ever that straight forward.

The Competition

Unfortunately, ‘TE’ is not going to fly in the final print, so we’ll need to give him a name.  So I propose a competition.  Use the comments below to enter the competition.  Write what you think TE should be named.  I’ll pick my favourite three and then put these into a poll.  Whichever name scores the highest in the poll will win and be chosen for the story.

The Reward

The winner will receive a free copy of the ebook once completed and released in March 2014.  If the winner has already supported the story then they will get upgraded to the next reward tier, i.e if they already have the book then they will receive a dedication in the book, etc.

Either way the winner will get a special mention at the front of the book.

So let the game begin!  I’ll keep the competition open for January and most of February, depending on responses.  So get those creative juices flowing and lets have some names.


11 responses to “Mr Encyclopedia Man

  1. Theodore (Ted) Columbia. Columbia is a fairly famous Encyclopaedia brand ;o) But then if he is a tech criminal Mr Encyclopaedia would be a good hacker name.

  2. Alfred Caldwell. Al to his closer friends.

    In recognition of and homage to the late Sir Patrick Moore, whose full name was Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore.

  3. From the description I would choose a popular historical name as his online pseudonym, e.g. a famous librarian. Something a bit out of the ordinary like ‘Leibniz’ seems appropriate to me. As for the real name I suggest “Peter H. Milligan” Remember The Goon show? 😉

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