We have a Protagonist!

Hello everybody, I would like you to meet Robert ‘Robbie’ Garrie.  He’s a scotsman, but no one is perfect.  He’s also a pirate, so there is a bit of a theme going on there.

Robert was born on the planet True Aberdeen in a solar system that I will need to discuss with Frontier Developments.  Its a Scottish colony, founded by a group of traditionalists who wanted to keep some celtic & pict heritage alive, away from a truly uniform and cosmopolitan Earth.  With the passage of time some traditions have fallen away or blended in with the galactic norm. 

Robert wouldn’t call himself a traditionalist, but he is proud of his heritage and when he gets pissed, when someone really shines him on, when a fight to the death goes beyond just-business into the rarely-treaded-private-arena, then the first thing he does is strap on a kilt over his service pants and don a sporran and a Sggian-dubh.  Because thats what all Scotsmen do when they’re pissed.  They want the person they are about to kill to KNOW that it was a SCOTSMAN that killed them. 

Of course this could just be a new tradition developed on True Aberdeen. 

You are probably dying to know what a pirate like Robert would carry in his sporran.  Well . . . you are going to have to wait.  Because it might just be important to the plot.  Sorry!

Robert has a full backstory and his journey through the novel has been completely plotted.  Without ruining the story I will discuss Robert more in future posts. 

My next post will be about a man who at the moment I am calling ‘The Encyclopedia’.  He needs a name and I want your help to name him.  I’m thinking a competition is in order.  Anyone interested?


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