The Alliance Operative

She’s driven, she’s tough, she doesn’t have time for the lazy or those who don’t understand HER galactic view. She’s an Elite pilot but navigates her way through a conversation with snappy punches and silence. Oh, and she’s not a cliche. Definitely not a cliche.

She is who I have been working on for the last few days. She isn’t the main protagonist, but she is just as important. She has her own story to tell, her own history, her own goals to accomplish and these will need to be evident in the story. She isn’t just a cardboard cutout to prop up the main hero. She is her own lady, and the goal is to make you root for her as much as you root for the main hero. Which will be fun, because he’s a pirate and she hates pirates, so get ready for some conflict.

Unfortunately she needs a name. Her and a whole host of other characters. So click on the ‘You name It’ tab at the top right of the website and have a look at the character ‘descriptions’. If you have already made a ‘you name it’ pledge, then name away. If not, there is still time to buy one via paypal, and remember that if you buy a ‘you name it’ pledge then you get all the lesser rewards. This includes access to the final edit, the first draft, a newsletter and a copy of the finished ebook itself. Oh, and the eternal gratitute. Don’t forget the gratitude.

Thanks Commanders, and hear from you soon.


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