Character Descriptions

I’ve made a new page on the site called “You Name It”.

Everyone that supported my crowd funding page and selected the ‘you name it’ reward are able to name a character, place or piece of equipment in the story. On the new page I have listed various characters that require names. Later I’ll add lists of places and equipment if people are more interested in naming these.

Even if you aren’t a ‘You name it” supporter, check out the page anyway. It will give you a bit of a clue about the story and might just convince you that you have to name one of them, because it isn’t too late to become a ‘You Name It’ supporter. Click on the paypal link on the right and donate 90 pounds, or if you have already supported this project then donate the upgrade cost (i.e if you have supported with the reader then pay 90 – 8 = 72 pounds).

I’ve also made a few minor updates to the website, including easy links to my you tube channel and facebook page.

Hope you enjoy the site and I’ll be back soon with further updates.



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